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Erema PP PE Recycling Pelletising and granulator machine



Erema design

Erema PP PE Recycling Pelletising extruder system

1. granulating machine
2. plastic extruder
3. waste Plastic Recycling Machine
4. presser/agglomerator extruder

5. With Agglomerator/compactor

Special for most kind of plastic: PP/PE/PA/ABS/PU/HDPE/LLDPE

Automatic semi-submerged strand pelletising systems for technical thermoplastics


This line with new design, resonable confugration, steady operation, low noise, low compution and high output.PP PE Film, barrels, bottlesGranulation line/granulating machine/pelletising machine/extruder

1. High efficient force feeder ensures high capacity material feeding, low power compution.

2. Single screw extruder, with specially designed screw&barrel, venting system, ensure good quality final products.

3. Pelletising style: standard cutting with extrusion mould. Even cutting ensures with good shape.

4. Auxiliary machine: pellets cooling with& clasify

Technical data:

Extruder:              SJ120          SJ150        SJ200

Main motor power: 132kw         160kw        185kw

capacity kg/h:       150-250      300-400       450-500

PP PE Granulation line/granulating machine/pelletising machine